Few Words About Us

Wulkan was established in year 1982. It's founder and owner, Marek Zakrzewski, was able to create a company that time and time again proves to provide highest quality products loved for their exceptional taste and reasonable prices - all thanks to his determination, great deal of experience and willingness to listen to the needs of modern, demanding consumer.

While the range of our products is really vast, pastry and ready-made food was always something we specialize in.

We offer wide variety of cakes, pies and interleaved wafers sold in our retail stores or by wholesale - we also provide services for weddings and other events where guests need to be treated with highest quality products.

We also offer ready-made foods produced from traditional, Old-Polish recipes and with taste that can easily compete against home made meals our customers are familiar and remember from their childhood.

We sell our products all across the country and we export them abroad as well. A part of our offer is also available to buy through our retail store network and are sold locally in Podkarpackie voivodeship.

Ta strona wykorzystuje pliki cooki, aby zagwarantować Państwu jak najlepsze doświadczenia z użytkowaniem naszej strony.